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Hottest, Coldest, Wettest, & Dryest Climates

We have highlighted the extreme climate sites for each country (except the USA) and each territory in Canada. This legend shown on each of the country index pages, will help you locate the extremes:

H = hottest      C = coldest      W = wettest      D = dryest     

We've also added listings ranked by temperature and precipitation on the country index pages.

We've added information on each location page showing where the temperature and precipitation rank in comparison to other locations.

Notes and Limitations

  • These are the extremes that I have data for in the World Climate charts from the World Meteorological Organization. There may be more extremes not shown in that data. See About the World Climate & Daylight Charts and Tables for more about the data.
  • Not every location has data for high and low temperatures and precipitation. The extremes shown on this site are for locations that do have that data.
  • Some countries only have data for only one or a few locations. When this happens a single location could have multiple extremes, for example it could be both hottest and coldest.

The Most Extreme Climates in the World

Halfa El Gedida, Sudan
(Annual Average)
Eureka, Northwest Territories, Canada
(Annual Average)
Cherrapunji, India
(Monthly Average)
Sal, Cape Verde
(Monthly Average)

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